How To Draw Anime Eyes

This tutorial will teach you how to draw Anime eyes. This tutorial mainly focuses on how to draw Anime eyes from the very beginning using only simple shapes as guidelines. Please note that there are many different kinds of anime eyes, each involving their own different method of construction and design. The purpose of this tutorial is to help you developed the basic skills that are necessary for drawing all different kinds of anime eyes. Once you’ve mastered how to draw Anime eyes, you will develop your own method for drawing Anime eyes that works best for you

Needed Materials
Graphic Creating Software
Basic Computer Skills
Black Color Palette (optional)

Anime Eye Reference: Step 1

A good way to begin drawing Anime eyes is to first look at some examples of different kinds of Anime eyes. This would provide a good reference point for drawing Anime eyes. A good way to do this is to simply search on for some Anime characters that you think have great eyes. I chose the main female character from a popular Anime series.

Anime Eye Reference

How To Draw Anime Eyes: Step 2

We begin drawing our Anime eyes by creating a simple little rough sketch. Anime eyes, as real eyes are not completely circular. They have more of a curved square shouldered shape.

Anime Eye Image

How To Draw Anime Eyes: Step Three:

In this step we are going to define the upper and lower brim of the eye. As you can see based on the reference both of those two pieces are very important to the overall look of the eye once it’s completed. Also note that the upper brim as the basis of the lining of the eye is heavier.

Anime Eye Image

How To Draw Anime Eyes: Step Four:

Now we would be developing the beginning of the pupil, or the eyeball rather. Do not make the eyeball completely around, as it is more of an elongated circular oval shape. Slowly the overall eye is coming together.

Anime Eye Image

How To Draw Anime Eyes: Step Five:

Here is we start adding the detail. Anime eyes are known for the detail that they possess, for taking the time to make sure your eyes look pretty is important. There are many things in Anime that are detailed in the eyes is certainly not one of them. Ever notice how expressive Anime characters can be? It’s all in the eyes. In the step below are doing is closing off the eye ball, and adding in a lower highlight.

Anime Eye Image

How To Draw Anime Eyes:Step Six:

In this step we take the detail even further, and adding the actual pupil of the eyeball, and stress on some more highlights. You can tell right now but the markings that we have are going to be shadows and highlights. It does not look like much now but our Anime eyes will be looking a lot better in the next step.

Anime Eye Image

How To Draw Anime Eyes: Step Seven:

Now we are going to bring up the body of the eye by actually adding in the dark part of the eye a.k.a. the pupil in the upper area that has a shadow. At this point it looks really good, but there are a few more details we can add to make this Anime I look great.

Anime Eye Image

How To Draw Anime Eyes: Step Eight:

This is the last step in here will actually add in the eyelashes at the top of the eye, and at the brim. The example I chosen is a female, so you can see that she has a more feminine wavy feel to them. Don’t think that men don’t have eyelashes, as they do. The lashes aren’t as strong as they females. Also notice that I added in some cross lines over the pupil and they sort of faded as the closer to the white highlight. It’s just another added touch you can use to make your Anime eyes look great.

Anime Eye Image